• MycoTOOL PCR Mycoplasma Test


    Release your product
    in just a few hours 

Fast MycoTOOL Test - PCR instead of Cell Culture

Mycoplasmas are a common source of contamination in biopharmaceutical production, cultivation of stem cells, and tissue engineering. The Roche MycoTOOL Detection Kit is accepted for biopharmaceutical release testing by the FDA, EMA and further authorities for fast, easy, and reliable Mycoplasma testing.

  • Detect over 140 Mollicute species
    including Spiroplasma and Acholeplasma using universal primer designs
  • Sensitivity you can count on
    <1 CFU/ml for all validated species* 
  • Reproducibility you can depend on
    Avoid false positives by utilizing carryover prevention with dUTP and UNG
  • Time savings you can plan on
    Results in a few hours instead of waiting for the outcome of a 28-day culture test  

* Data published by S. M. Deutschmann et al., March 2010. Validation of a NAT-based Mycoplasma assay according European Pharmacopoiea, Biologicals, Volume 38, Issue 2, Special Section: Mycoplasma, pages 181-248.