Immunological Assays

Roche Raw Materials – Proven Diagnostics Quality

As a manufacturer of diagnostic kits, and the leading provider of raw materials for diagnostic immunoassays, we completely understand the needs of diagnostic companies. The depth of our portfolio allows you to work with a single strategic partner to bring your kit to market, without the complexity of managing multiple suppliers.

Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Immunoassays

Diagnostics manufacturers demand antibodies and antibody mixes of proven quality specifically produced for use in diagnostic kits. CustomBiotech offers a dedicated product line of high-quality antibodies and antigens for use in heterogeneous and homogeneous immunoassays.

Labeling & Detection

Most immunoassays today depend on the use of an analytical reagent that is associated with a detectable label. Complete the detection step of your immunoassay by applying our hapten and fluorescent labels, antibody conjugates, streptavidin/biotin, gold, and excellent marker enzymes (e.g., rec. alkaline phosphatase, HRP, and ß-Galactosidase).

Assay Interference

Interference elimination is an important differentiation factor and a challenging task for state-of-the-art immunoassay development and kit manufacturing. Achieve excellent assay accuracy, sensitivity, and precision with our interference eliminating proteins for both nonspecific and HAMA antibody-specific interference. Specific HAMA assay interference, which can lead to false-positive or false-negative assay results, is caused by heterophilic antibodies (human anti-animal antibodies).