MycoTOOL PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit

For use in quality control / manufacturing process only.

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MycoTOOL PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit material number and pack size:
Material Number Pack Size
05184240001 1 kit
05184592001 1 kit
consisting of 2 subkits:
MycoTOOL Mycoplasma Detection Prep Kit, Cat. No.05 184 592 001
MycoTOOL Mycoplasma Detection Amplification Kit, Cat. No.05 184 240 001
For the testing of cell culture samples for the absence of mycoplasma.
The MycoTOOL Mycoplasma Detection Amplification Kit supplies all reagents for the amplifications step.
Mycoplasma can act as severe contaminant in cell culture. Mycoplasmal cell culture contamination occurs due to contamination from individuals or contaminated cell culture medium ingredients. Mycoplasma may induce cellular changes, including chromosome aberrations, changes in metabolism and cell growth. Severe mycoplasma infections may destroy a cell line.
The MycoTOOl PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit is an in vitro nucleic acid amplification test optimized for the detection of mycoplasma in CHO cell culture according to the Guideline for Mycoplasma NAT described in chapter 2.6.7 of the European Pharmacopeia with respect to specificity, sensitivity/detection limit and robustness.